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Akron General Vs. Akron City Hospital

S.D. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have any pros or cons for these 2 hospitals as far as delivering your baby? I had my first child at Akron City and wasn't very pleased with the overall e...


Which Akron Hospital Would You Choose for Delivery?

L.B. asks from Cleveland

Hi, I am due next month with my first child and I am trying to decide between Akron City and Akron General hospital for my delivery. Both my insurance and OB practic...


New to Cleveland Suburbs (6 Mos Pregnant)-need OB and Hospital Recommendations!

M.J. asks from Cleveland

Hi Everyone, My husband has accepted a job in Ritchfield, Ohio. We are moving from Lake Forest, Illinois to Ohio. We are looking to live between Chagrin Falls, Solo...


Delivery Experiences in Cleveland Area

K.O. asks from Cleveland

I am new to the Cleveland area and OH. My husband and I are planning on having another child and I am looking for other moms who have had good, bad, indifferent expe...

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  • middleburg heights in 3 answers "I delivered at Southwest General Hospital in Middleburg Heights."
  • maternity ward in 4 answers "With the closure of the Maternity ward at the main campus of the Cleveland Clinic ..."
  • geauga hospital in 2 answers "I also second Geauga Hospital."
  • its not a huge hospital in 2 answers "... the nurses, doctors, and the facility in general. It's not a huge hospital ..."
  • akron general in 3 answers "I delivered 2 at Akron City (good hospital) and 2 at Akron General (liked it a little ..."