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Gas Heat and Dry Air - Need Suggestions Please

L.B. asks from Biloxi

We have central gas heat in my house and with the advent of cooler weather I have been running the heat. But it is destroying our sinuses from the hot, dry air. I wou...


Travel Bed

M.W. asks from Los Angeles

I made an earlier post regarding air travel and loved all of the suggestions, but now I need some ideas for a travel bed for my 28 month old daughter. We will be taki...


Bed Wetting

T.K. asks from Lincoln

My son is almost 4 and he still wets the bed (pull-up)EVERY night. I really want to put an end to this but don't know what to do.


Bed Wetting

J.K. asks from Philadelphia

I have a almost 4 year old who has been potty trained for 2 years now. She still wets the bed at night. She might go for weeks without any accidents, then it comes ...


Transitioning to a Bed

R.J. asks from Boston

My just turned 3 year old son has been sleeping in a crib since he was a baby. He used to sleep great in his crib. A week ago we trasitioned him to a car bed(one o...


Gasping for Air, Strange Noise from 2.5 Month Old When Breathing

T.R. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is now 2.5 month old on Fri. I have had her at the peds 4 times now. For wellness visits,other things. I always have asked the same question. When she bre...


To Share a Bed, or Not

H.S. asks from San Diego

I have a lot of concerns about the sleeping situation when our baby is born in March. I needs some advice from experienced moms. I would love to have my baby sleep wi...


Bed Bugs???

P.R. asks from Grand Rapids

I am freaking out I woke up this weekend with like 10 small bites on my arm and after searching the net all night I think they might be from bed bugs I havent been ab...


Travel Bed

L.C. asks from Burlington

Hi I have a large son who just turned 2. He is about 3 ft 1 inches and weighs 40 pounds. He does not fit into the pack n play anymore and we travel a lot. He definit...


Bed Wetting

L.M. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 4 year old daughter whom has been potty trained for almost a year. She was still wetting regularly at night until about 3 months ago. We stopped using pull...

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