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Anyone Have Luck with Weight Watchers?

At age 40 I'm having to work hard to loose weight and having my hubby's help is invaluable. Plus he is dropping the sympathy weight he gained when I was ...

Anyone Had Tonsils Out After Age 30?

Jan 1, 2010 ... I don't mean to freak you out, but i had mine out at the age of 22 and i was out of work for a week (this was before i was a mommy). ...

Need Summer Vacation Childcare Ideas for Elementary School Age Kids

Looking for ideas and suggestions for childcare for 2 elementary school age kids during the summer. What do people do with their kids while they are at work ...

Transfering to Private School in 6Th grade...can It Be Done?

10-13 is a really important age for girls, we work on good confidence as well as math. :) I think that it is a great idea to move to private school at that ...

Disadvantage for 4Yo in Multi-age Pre-K 3/4 Class?

I think a good teacher who is trained to work with mixed-age groups can make it a great experience, but you don't want your kid to be the one working alone ...

What Happens When Crying-it-out Doesn't Work?

I believe that crying it out before 6 months doesn't work. I know some believe in it, ... what age to let baby cry it out · bringing children to work ...

Age Requirement for Kids Club at Gym?

Does anyone know the age requirement for the kids club at 24 hour fitness? My 6 week post natal exam is this week and I am hoping to get the "ok" to work ...

Going Back to Work and Have No Idea What to Look for in Daycare

I am looking to go back to work, actually I am already getting my resume out to ... Also what would the age range be for the other children in the group. ...

Preschool Behavior Issues: My Son Doesn't Want to Do Group Activities

Sep 27, 2009 ... Just my two cents and all of that to say, not really an indication of behavior problems at this young age, Work on being consistent at home ...

Question About "Vanishing Twin" and Results of the Down's Syndrome Blood Work

after having the blood work also do the full scan. at our age (im 2years older then you) the do a secon level ultrasound that counts the bones. this plus ...
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  • age requirement is 6 months in 2 answers "I am a Group X Instructor for 24hour and the age requirement is 6 months...maybe you ..."
  • used the flex plan in 2 answers "... I had come to believe I would never be able to do it. I have used the Flex plan ..."
  • their own pace in 3 answers "Every person, even young children, need to go at their own pace and as your son develops ..."
  • been on weight watchers in 2 answers "I have been on weight watchers after both my babies & took of weight surprisingly ..."
  • least two weeks in 3 answers "My doc made me take at least two weeks off work - he recommended three."