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Advice on Weaning Baby from Bottle/formula

I seen more than one child walking around with a bottle past the age of 2. It isn't good for their teeth. When I weaned my first child I found it was harder ...

Weaning from the Bottle

I have no response to the age of the child and whether it is too young or too ... telling us when we should be weaning our children from certain items. ...

Nursing, Weaning, Biting and Teething

At this point you might be able to think about weaning! Can she use a sippy cup for juice? If i remember correctly at this age it was: nurse am, ...

"Teaching My Almost 3-Year--old to Put Himself to Sleep Without Nursing."

My son was around the same age whe I weaned him. I let him hold my "sip" as we called it, and that worked. Eventually, he didn't need to do that either, ...

Weaning My Daughter..

Is there a reason you need to wean her? I know that the World Health Orginization now recomends breastfeeding until the age of 2. (sorry didn't know if you ...

11 Month Old Not Sleeping at Night and Can't Wean!

An effective way to wean a child over one year of age is to "not offer and not refuse" breastfeeding. This is harder than it sounds because you will not be ...

Need Help with Night Weaning

Read all 11 responses: "I have no idea how to night wean because he still ... A. , I accomplished this around the same age with my first child because I had ...

Need to Wean 12-Month Old That REFUSES Everything Else!

The World Health Org recommends nursing to age 2 for optimal health. It sounds like he is not ready to wean at this point. He may be able to wean more ...

Am I Pregnant???

I weaned my son at same age and still got breast milk for the next five years. Also got it three years after weaning my next child - you have healthy milk ...

Weaning My 18 Month Old

May 19, 2009 ... You say it's "time to wean," but I don't think arbitrary age limits make sense as long as you are fine with breastfeeding. ...
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