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What Are the "Milestones" That My Daughter Should Meet at Her Age?

She sounds right on track for her age. Kids develop at different levels. But she falls well within the norm for her age. As for the potty training, ...

Latch Key Kids!!!

Read all 30 responses: "I was wanting to know at what age would surrounding moms say a child ... Age That Kids Can Walk Home from School or Stay Home Alone ...

What Age Is Appropriate to Begin Leaving Your Children Home Alone....?

Read all 3 responses: "I wanted to get some opinions on what age would be appropriate to begin leaving children at home alone, not necessarily for extednded ...

Arts and Crafts Ideas

There are LOTS of wonderful website for crafting with kids. Here are a few I use often when planning things for todder-preschool age kids at my school. ...

Scheduling Two Kids' Naptimes???

I know it's not always easy You are lucky that your kids DO nap Many dont or it's a struggle .... all kids need · kids age · age of having kids · age kids ...

What Age Did Your Child Start Preschool?

Read all 15 responses: "I swear my other 2 went when they were 3. They loved it. I'm a wahm but I think going helps them be around other children.

Seeking Advice on Dealing with My Rude Teen Age Daughter (15 Yrs)

Read all 9 responses: "I need help dealing with my teen age daughter. ... Beth Y added this item My boys love to be naked I think all kids do but with boys ...

Death at a Young Age

My school brought in specialists to talk to kids who were having a hard ... Good luck with everything What a horrible thing to happen at such a yound age ...

Vision Screening: What Age?

Even though young kids cannot read yet, there are still many ways for ... is recommending they start screening children in their office at age 3. ...

Bedwetting Still at Age 11

My oldest of four kids was a bed wetter until about the age of 10 He wet the bed almost every night We tried everything We had him checked out medically and ...
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