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At What Age Can Children Have Honey, I Forgot...

Read all 5 responses: "I know that kids can't have honey until a certain age, but I fogot when that was. Do you know when it is?

Craft Ideas for Special Needs Children All Ages

Read all 9 responses: "Any ideas for craft and activities to do as in a 2 hour day camp ? All ages"

Goody Bags for 12-23 Month Olds

As a former teacher of kids this age, stay away from food. If a child has a milk allergy, you can bet pretty much any cookies will be off limits and parents ...

Two Kids with Two Different Schedules

Until recently, both my kids would go to bed around 8. ... the family tots at this agetheirclocks are changing anyways as they growso think of it ascoaching ...

Latch Key Kids!!!

Latch Key Kids MabelvaleAR. I was wanting to know at what age would surrounding moms say a child is ready to stay home alone for 23 hrs until parents arrive ...

Arts and Crafts Ideas

Since your kids are still at that age where they might be tempted to put small, shiny, ... Kumon makes a simplified origami workbook for kids ages 2 and up, ...

What Age Group Is Goosebumps For? Need Book Ideas for 7 Yr Old.

Oct 23, 2009 ... The chronicles of narnia - not sure if that's her age group. ... My kids never got into Goosebumps, so I can't tell you about that series, ...

Scheduling Two Kids' Naptimes???

I know it's not always easy You are lucky that your kids DO nap Many dont or it's a struggle .... all kids need · kids age · age of having kids · age kids ...

What Are the "Milestones" That My Daughter Should Meet at Her Age?

She sounds right on track for her age. Kids develop at different levels. But she falls well within the norm for her age. As for the potty training, ...

What Age Is Appropriate to Begin Leaving Your Children Home Alone....?

Read all 3 responses: "I wanted to get some opinions on what age would be appropriate to begin leaving children at home alone, not necessarily for extednded ...
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  • diary of a wimpy kid in 2 answers "She has read The Diary of A Wimpy Kid around 6 and kinda liked them."
  • from the dollar store in 2 answers "Stickers, fruit snacks, animal crackers, little books (from the dollar store), pads ..."
  • judy moody in 2 answers "She has likes the Judy Moody book series."
  • maturity level in 3 answers "I think you are absolutely right in that it depends on the maturity level of the child ..."
  • pipe cleaner in 2 answers "Scrunch the middle up (it should look like a bow tie). Wrap pipe cleaner around the ..."