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No Period After Stopping Birth Control Pills for a Year

My cycles didn't stop completely like yours have after getting off of the pill, but I was very irregular. I found a supplement online and tried it. ...

Good Birth Control Pill

Apr 26, 2009 ... I took the pill forever ago (ortho nova 7-7-7). After I had my daughter, they put me on the only pill that I could take that was safe for ...

On Mini-pill, Unsure If Pregnant

Aug 24, 2009 ... I havent had this experience but know my neighbor went on the mini pill after her thirdand intended last child was born so that she could ...

Mirena IUD Vs. the Pill

Hoewever, I am now considering going back on the pill instead, because I can't seem to figure out my mood swings. After weaning my 2nd daughter, ...

Can My Milk Supply Re-establish After a Decrease?

I just continued to pump immediately after most feeds (maybe every other one for you if you're heading ..... the morning after pill · high school supplies ...

Yaz Birth Control Pill

I have finally decided again to try the pill over condoms and I want the..." ... Problems with the Pill After Time? Do I Change or Quit? ...

New to Birth Control Pills

If you forget a pill in the third week you can just take the pill later and go finish your strip or you can stop and wait for your period and after 7 days ...

How Long Did It Take You to Get Pregnant After You Had Your Mirena IUD Removed?

It was actually faster then my two previous attempts at getting pregnant after stopping the pill. Everything seemed to go quite smoothly, ...

The Mini-pill

I've been on the mini-pill for about 6 months now and I decided to stop using ... Lo and behold, after 2 months of feeling weak and tired, I took a test and ...

Sudden Vomiting

I NEVER missed a pill and ALWAYS took it at the same time. After my daughter's birth, we skipped taking the pill since it didn't work last time and relied ...
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