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Biting While Nursing

She stopped biting after a couple of feedings. But now, for the past two weeks she bites at every feeding. She drinks until the milk starts to slow down, ...

16 Month Old Biter

I dont know what to do she does not bite at home and I am not at daycare when she does it so I cannot correct her after the fact.the daycare puts her in ...

Cat Bite- I Have to Explain More!!

And after the bite she was in and out of the hospital twice. She got cat scratch fever and was very sick. She still can't put weight on her wrist. ...

Bug Bites

C.B. answers from San Francisco on September 14, 2009. I love the kids AfterBite cream. Works instantly everytime when i see a bug bite on my 1yr. old son. ...

Help My Daughter's Mosquito Bites Are Scaring!!

Read all 15 responses: "Since last year everytime my 2yr old gets a bite ... get bitten try to avoid the mosquito areas the after bite for kids works on ...


Aug 7, 2009 ... I would involuntarily flinch and sayOuch I would pull him away from my breast followed byNo biting And after just a handful of times he ...

6 Month Old Infant Has Teeth and Started Biting During Nursing... Any Advice?

Oct 13, 2009 ... After a few times he will learn that biting means the end of nursing and of the nice warm cuddle time. He will learn to stop. ...

Mosquito Bites

Target brand Anti Itch Treatment or After Bite (brand name). Works great! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

14 Month Old Is Biting

Ive put my grandson down on the floor more than once because he wanted to bite me Even after his teeth were in hed bite in anger as well as hit kick throw ...

Bug Bite?

We ended up taking her to the pediatrician with a fever a few days after the bite...but it turned out the fever was from a sore throat. Thank goodness! ...
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