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Child Suddenly Does Not like Day Care

I have been extremely happy with the care they are given plus my oldest is ... from another adult what is going on and figure out together how to fix it, ...

Looking for Dentist Recommendation in DTC (For Adult)

Looking for Dentist Recommendation in DTC (For Adult) .... Tell him I told you to call--they'll take great care of you! Helpful? ...

Seeking Help with Adult Acne.

I had acne as a teen and a young adult that was so bad I didn't want to leave the house either .... acne adult · acne solution · adult day care · adult care ...

Day Care

I have operated a home day care for over 10 years and the children are sick maybe 1 or 2 times ... I am told it helps build their immune system as an adult. ...

Help with Adult Acne

Hi D., I have never herd of a vitamin that helps with adult acne, but I started using the ... All the skin care in the world won't help to fix the problem, ...

Looking for Best Pediatrician in Frederick Md

My nephew (who is 23) still goes there (although Dr. Crowder told him he should start looking for an adult care doctor). I cannot say enough good things ...

Seeking Advice on Adult Acne

Seeking Advice on Adult Acne. I have never had a problem with acne, .... Votre Vu's Attentive skin care line has also been helping to clear up adult acne. ...

Transitioning to "Adult Food"

I've just recently been venturing into the 3rd stage foods, but don't really care for them. I like to give her 2nd stage still and then adult food in ...

Adult (Technically) Daughter and Boyfriend We Don't Like

Read all 18 responses: "Any advice from Moms of young adult women or ... Maybe she really does care more about him, and he about her than is visable to you. ...

My Adult Daughter Tells Her Children She Doesn't like Me.

We have a fine adult-to-adult relationship, and I am so proud of her. ... I have to tell you how moved I am that you care so much. ...
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  • percent benzoyl peroxide in 2 answers "The in the beginning use 10% benzoyl peroxide topically over the acne again twice ..."
  • their immune system in 2 answers "I am told it helps build their immune system as an adult."
  • make her own decisions in 2 answers "Unfortunately she is old enough where she has to make her own decisions and you may ..."
  • bad boy syndrome in 2 answers "Hi D., From being that girl with the bad boy syndrome, I never went out with nice ..."
  • cut up small in 3 answers "She can eat most of what you eat as long as it is cut up small."