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Some Ways to save Money

I was able to get Popsicle brand popsicles for $1 because another store had it in their ad. We always shop at Walmart for our food and necessities, ...

Need a Mom to Help with Carpooling to Pre-school in the Fall-

I have seen many ads that are asking something similiar to what you are asking. ... a little (non-food) treat behind --usually a toy but this year my 7 year ...

What Is Everyone Doing to Cut down Your Grocery Bill?

I also look at the ads when the come in the mail on Tuesday and make a shopping ... I participated once and really enjoyed the experience, the food, and the ...

1St Birthday Party B-day Cake Without Dairy or Wheat

I didn't care for all of the ads on the webpage (sorry for that). http://www. Have fun! ...

I'm Gaining Too Much Weight During My Pregnancy! Help!

Those milk ads really are true. Don't worry about a thing. .... just stay away from sodas and fried food and you should be fine I am a big girl and was told ...

Need Money Saving Tips

For food, I may spend much more on 1 week when I buy a value pack of .... I shop the ads each week, using coupons that I have to match with what is on sale. ...

Salvage Grocery Stores

I've been to the Dallas Food Depot on Cockrell Hill Rd., in Oak Cliff. ... Most of my grocery savings comes from bargain shopping(weekly sales ads), ...

Help! I Need to Be More Cost Conscious!

Most of Aldi's food is shipped a long way, and, well, there is a reason it ... One of my favorite shopping tips is to check the drug store ads really well. ...

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have found that it just takes planning I avoid processed foods and fast foods as much as possible. I sit down look thru the ads and make up a menu I also ...

How to save on Grocery Bill

Save-a-lot is good some generic products such as can goods, pasta, some veggies, meats and frozen food items. Check weekly ads from meijers, ...
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