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Ideas for Christmas Baskets.

J.S. asks from Atlanta

With Christmas coming I am in need of ideas for Christmas gift baskets. I have sent Lobster Grams, Gevalia Coffee baskets, Harry and David baskets, and Omaha Steaks t...


CPS Attacks

V.B. asks from San Francisco

Has anyone ever dealt with CPS (Child Protective Services)? My brother and his wife just had their first child. The hospital said they found drugs in the baby and moth...


Free to a Good Home ***

J.I. asks from Fort Myers

Hey moms, it's me again. I recently asked about moving into a rental & finding a home for our Pitbull. Well, it's close to dooms day & I have not been able to find a h...


Getting Started as a Surrogate

J.V. asks from San Angelo

hey mama's! just wanting a little advice so of course so i come to the experts. i have always wanted to be a surrogate after i had my own children. my husband and i ha...


Transposition of the Great Vessels-Just Found on Ultrasound

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

We are adopting a baby due Feb 19th and we just found out the baby has Transposition of the Great Vessels. I have been researching this and I am scared out of my mind...


Marrying in June and Children What to Change Their Name Too...

C.M. asks from Providence

I have two children, 6 and 9, who want to have their name changed too when I get married in June. They haven't seen their father in over two years. He still pays chi...


Missed the 30 Day Enrollment Period for Insurance for Our Newborn

L.T. asks from San Francisco

My son is 2 months old today. He goes in for his 2mo well check on Friday and I just found out he isn't covered on our insurance. This is because during my husband's w...


Why Wont It Happen...

C.D. asks from Louisville

Ok ladies.. I am venting.. i am late on my period once again. At first i was like well.. i have not been late on my period for a long time maybe i can actually be preg...


Co-sleeping Options

K.A. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I want to continue co-sleeping with our 10 month old son, and are trying to figure out how to do this safely. Currently, the baby and I are sleeping on...


Teenage Pregnancy

R.W. asks from Dallas

I just found out that my daughter, who is a senior in High School is pregnant, and I am an emotional roller coaster that I can not get to stop. My husband is schedule...

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