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Leaking Breasts but Not Pregnant?

It turned out that I had what is called a pituitary adenoma (benign tumor in the brain near the pituitary gland) and it was easily treatable with medication ...

What Is Cushing's Syndrome

... are secondary to excessive (anterior) front pituitary secrection of ( corticotropin) amino-acid hormone, with or without a pituitary (adenoma) tumor. ...

Pituitary Problems

I was diagnosed in 1988 with a pitutary adenoma. It was pressing on my optical nerve and was told ... It was benign as most pituatary adenomas are usually. ...

My Mom Has a Lump

I had three that were called something like fibroid adenoma. I got them removed only because they told me that hormonal shifts during pregnancy, ...

Migraines in a 4 Year Old

An endocrinologist was also able to find a small adenoma on my pituaitary gland and was able to start treatment. My recommendation would be to ask the ...

Must Have Breast Lumpectomy (Atypical Cells Biopsy) Any Advice?

Had my first mammography, then they did a biopsy because I have a fibro adenoma. It was benign, but they found atypical cells. ...

Scared Out of My Mind :O(

It turned out to be a benign fibroid adenoma. The surgury took about a half day, and I was totally free of pain by the end of the week. ...

Other Moms' Opinions of Ovulation Test Kits

I have hypothyroidism (which is treated through meds constantly-so that's not a concern), but I also have a pituitary adenoma which elevates my prolactin ...

Periods Come and Go whenever---HELP!

... ovarian cysts, uterine polyps, steriod therapy, cervical or uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, adrenal tumor,hepatic disease, leukemia, pituitary adenoma, ...

Mamogram When Breastfeeding?

It turned out to be a cystic adenoma (non-cancerous tumor common in lactating women). I have continued to breastfeed and I have a follow-up mammogram in ...
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