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R.B. asks from Los Angeles

my middle son is 8 years old, he has just started third grade and already i have already revieved the call that "we think he has ADD" actually the school counselor to...


ADD Diet

D.W. asks from Jacksonville

I'm in pretty desperate need; I've got to find out the details of a diet that effectively helps relieve ADD symptoms. I've heard that some people have HUGE success w...


They Say She Has ADD

K.B. asks from Johnson City

My oldest is 11 the Dr says she has ADD put her on the med's last year her grades did come up and her spelling did inprove some. Well over the summer she is off the m...


Son with Possible Inattentive ADD

J.C. asks from Chicago

Hi, There is a possibility that my 9 year old son has inattentive ADD. Does anyone have any advice about treatment, whether conventional or alternative to help my s...


I Think My Son Has ADD

J.A. asks from Houston

My son is 9 years old and has trouble finishing his school work. He can do the work, I know this because if I sit with him and repeatedly tell him to do his work it g...


Need Referral to Psychiatrist Who Understands and Treats ADD

D.S. asks from Washington DC

I have come to understand and accept the fact that my daughter has probably inherited my mild inattentive form of ADD. Both of us achieve, so we would never be "pick...


Any Good Whole Grain, Non-oil Muffin Recipes?

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, I'm looking for muffin recipes that don't use oil, and preferably uses whole grain flours. I've found a few online and made them, but I'm getting bored with them...


Moms with business...I Need Advice

T.O. asks from Dallas

Just a question for you moms that have an at home business. I have noticed business on facebook, for the moms that sell items for ex. like hairbows and jewelry. Do ...


Clorox for Treatment of Eczema?

D.P. asks from Raleigh

The local news channel recently posted a report on the use of bleach in bathwater in treatment of eczema. According to the report, you can add 1/2 cup of bleach for ...

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