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Child Tourette Syndrome

My sister was told originally he was ADD and they wanted to put him on ... Get the EEG and any other tests your doctor recommends if your child has symptoms ...

Single Mom of One Wants More Children

I would not add another child to my life until I bought my house and could financially afford another child. I am not rich, but I do make decent money and ...

Time to Add Baby #2??

Sep 25, 2009 ... Time to Add Baby2 Mountain ViewWY. Hey moms .... are ready to live on one income then you might be ready to add another child I know I might ...

Getting a Child to Focus

This does not necessarily mean your child has ADD/ADHD. It is easy to daydream while reading and not concentrate on what is on the page. ...

Having Children Close in Age

I think anytime you add another child to the mix, things get complicated, whatever the age difference. Mine have always been close and now entertain each ...

Christmas Ornaments

"Capture a child's handprint in Play Clay by pressing into damp clay. When dry, paint and add the child's name and date on the back, then attach to a ...

The School Says My 6 Yr Old Has A.D.D. Not the Hyperactivity Type

If I had any thoughts that a child MAY have ADD, I would bring up my ...... Secondly, another big characteristic of A.D.D. children is that they have ...

Advice Please! Teacher Wants to Medicate My Child

Sep 24, 2009 ... If your child has ADD and making A's with out Med's, you are among the ..... If you decide to add medication again, I would go to a child ...

Communication with 21 Month Old

I have 6 kids, and one has ADD, one ADHD, and the other dyslexia, my ADD child was 6 months behind in speech when she was between 2-4, but then she got ...

Keeping a 2Nd Graders Attendtion at School

Maybe your child has A.D.D. and needs one on one attention for him to learn. Have you had him tested? Children with A.D.D. have a hard time paying attention ...
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