add and adhd in children

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Recently doctors are thinking lack of sleep may have more to do with behavioral problems than a child having ADD or ADHD. Many children recieve several ...

Looking for Information on ADHD / ADD Diet

As far as diet goes, there is a big difference between ADD and ADHD. ..... ADHD children learn in a totally different way than other children. ...

My Son Has ADD and ADHD Help

There is a stigma that is wrongly attached to ADD/ADHD children. Like above, if a child is diabetic the school bends over backwards to help the child, ...

Diet Modification for Possible ADD? 6 Year Old

In addition to giving you more information about her status with ADD it is good to note that a large number of children with ADD and ADHD have co-existing ...

Mom Seeking Advise on ADD or ADHD School Is Claiming Child Has Symptoms

Children with ADD or ADHD tend to do and/or say things without really ..... I am a former teacher who has taught children with ADD and ADHD both on and off ...

Strattera for ADHD

Remember the parents that dont have kids with ADD/ADHD and hurt with them ... but now understand that as parents we give our children all of the tools that ...

Can a Three Year Old Have ADHD?

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) at 3. ..... add adhd · children adhd · Oppositional Defiant Disorder · adults adhd ...

How to Deal with a Child with ADD

For disiplining, if you can find information on a parenting style called 1-2-3 magic, it works very well for ADD and ADHD children. You have to try to keep ...

Adhd but Can't Take stimulants....does Strattera Work?

I do home daycare and one of the children I have kept is ADHD he takes Vyvanse< sp> it ... Deciding to treat ADHD/ADD with medication is a very difficult and ...

Question About Sugar and ADD/ADHD

I have 4 children, the oldest is 17. My son has had issues with anxiety, ADHD/ ADD, and a bunch of other things, but as I have been studying natural health ...
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