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High Levels of Mercury

Silver fillings have mercury, the ADA says it's safe. .... protocol aimed at detoxing the body at the cellular level, using supplements and a healing diet. ...

Just Diagnosed with Asperger's

But, I found a lot of information about there about how diet can greatly ..... IDEA -Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and the ADA -Americans With ...

Thoughts on Milk?

As long as your diet includes other foods with calcium, drinking milk is not ... So I have gravitated to Ada's Natural food store for most of his needs. ...

Help with Preparing Formula Bottles

... reasons why families rely on formula for some or all of their baby's diet. ... Association recommends avoiding when reconstituting formula (ADA 2006). ...

Dental Filling During Pregnancy

See .... Nursing is best for your baby so be including probiotics in your diet. Good luck and know you aren't ...

School Meeting Advice

ADD is recognized as a disability through 2 laws, IDEA and ADA. ..... Exercise is crutial and a correct diet. Have you ever heard of the Feingold diet? ...

Mom Seeking Advise on ADD or ADHD School Is Claiming Child Has Symptoms

... how dare they automatically assume that your child has ADA or ADHD. ...... There are ideas of changing diet, taking out sugar,ect. i found that none of ...

Help Do Not Know What to Do Kindergartner Having Trouble in School?

Try changing his diet. Also, ask if the work can be sent home for you to help him with to see ... It is part of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). ...

Child with Dairy/Egg Allergies

Her name is Ada and she lives in Berea. Call me and I will give you her number. My # is ###-###-####. Helpful? ... Cutting Dairy Out of Diet ...

Which Bottles Are Best???

... best choice for parents who want to avoid bisphenol A in their baby's diet. ... Association recommends avoiding when reconstituting formula (ADA 2006). ...
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