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Help! Plane Travel with 21 Month Old & 2 Month Old

T.M. asks from Washington DC

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on keeping a 21 month old boy occupied on a 2.5 hour flight in which he will be sitting on my lap. Buying an infant far...


Need Ideas of How to Keep 21 Month Old Occupied with Broken Leg

R.M. asks from Seattle

My 21 month old broke his leg. He is trying to get around but is getting frustrated especially when he sees his sister running around. Any ideas on activities we can ...


Seeking Advice on Bedtime for 21 Month Old?

S.S. asks from Boston

Hi All- Just wondering what time you put your 1.5 - 2 year olds to bed? My son is now having trouble falling asleep and waking up too early. He's been going to bed ...


Looking for Summer Activities for 8 Month Old

D.S. asks from Phoenix

Does anyone know of any free or inexpensive activities that are great for my 8 month old son and I to do this summer? I have him in Gymboree, swimming lessons and pla...


Getting My 21 Month Old to Sit down for Dinner and Eat

A.M. asks from Kansas City

I have a 21 month old and dinnertime is getting to be mess. We have a sit down dinner every night at the dinner table. My son refuses to sit down and eat with us. ...


Daily Home Activities for My 9 Month Old

S.S. asks from Portland

Hello I have recently become a SAHM with my 9 month old son. I would like some tips on different developmental things we can do at this age and how to keep him ente...


Christmas Activities for a 16 Month Old

K.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms! Just wondering if anyone knows of any Christmas activities that a 16 month old would enjoy in the southwest suburbs. We are taking pictures with Santa...


Seeking Fun Summer Activities for 14 Month Old

K.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I'm currently a full time teacher who will soon be off for the summer. I'm looking forward to being able to spend the summer with my son who will be 14 months i...


Activities for 18 Month Old

D.S. asks from Memphis

My daughter will be almost 18 months old when we take her on a cruise. We have a 10 hour drive to get to the ship. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of ac...


Mom Seeking Advice on Discipline for Twin 21 Month Olds

T.D. asks from Philadelphia

Hello, I have 21 month old twins. I def. think that they are in the "terrible twos" a little early. I want advice on how other moms disciplined their children at t...

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