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Birthday Party Suggestions for Six and Seven Yr Old Girls

You need some action games and some they would play sitting down. Limit the party to 2 hours maximum as that is a long time for these children to play and ...

Calling All Baseball Parents

BUT when the game is here and he is playing he totally chokes. He acts like he can't even swing the bat most of time ..... action games · make money playing ...

Gift Ideas for 4 Y/o Girl

... Polly Pockets and animal figurines get a lot of action in our house. ... Hmmm... oh, she does enjoy games as well, and a family favorite has been the ...

Is the Yelling and Screming All the Time Normal????

And since I am the parent, it is my responsiblity to take action to change the atmosphere of the home. .... grooming school · classroom games ...

Kids Games for a Family Reunion

I just found out that I am in charge of the kids games for our family reunion ... bday and everybody loved it then too - even got some adults in the action. ...

My 7 Year Old Is Telling Me He Hates Me Now

At this age, they want to be around the action and see what is going on. ... It's the game you play whenever you are son loved it. ...

"Hit and Miss" Toys from This Season

for our 3 year old son was the Thomas Action Canyon train set and Scooby Doo haunted house board game. for our 6 year old daughter was Mrs. Goodbee's ...

Husbands and Female Friends

Before we were married, I had mostly male friends because I enjoy things like football, paintball, video games, action movies, etc. When we got married, ...

My 12 Year Old Being Bullied at School

There have been way too many things going wrong when action is not taken, ...... so de-sensitized to violence by way of video/computer games, tv and music. ...

5 Year Old Son Acting up in Preschool- Never Has Been This Way Before- HELP!

He also gets overly excited when playing games and then doesn't want to stop. ..... So depending on the action he may loose TV time that day and/or his ...
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