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5 Year Old with Acne

My 5 year old daughter gets acne on her lip in almost the same spot. It looks like a white head but hurts her if I touch it. I dont try to pop them but just ...

How to handle acne in a 6 year old?

My 6 year old daughter seems to have a mild case of acne or some other type of little bumps on her forhead and chin. .... Best defense is to put a creamy moisturizer on each spot at bed time, ... Treatment for Face Rashes ...

Any Remedy for Severe Baby Acne and Dry Scalp?

My son has really bad acne all over his..." ... My dd also had the scaly scalp- she still gets it in one spot on her head and .... Treatment for Cradle Cap ...

Pimples After Pregnancy

My own adult acne is completely gone and I attribute it to my having ... Now it seems that if there is a spot on my face that had not shown signs of pimples ...

Skin Care Products That Are Safe to Use While Pregnant

For you I would probably mix the lines a bit to combat your acne and not irritate your rosecea. ... and neutrogena's 'spot' acne products, also with the acid, when necessary) through both of my ... Safe Acne Treatment During Pregnancy? ...

Anyone Have Age Spots Removed?

I had this one B. spot that I had since I was in my 20's, so 20 years ago. ... Worried About a Spot on My Face. ... acne laser treatment · face peel ...

Severe Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection in Toddler That Won't Go Away!

First it was just an eczema spot or two on her bottom. ... After the second day of treatment, we discovered she had broken out in a head-to-toe rash of ..... for skin problems like rashes, eczema, acne, anything where soap is too harsh. ...

Strange Bumps

I have a 14 year old that has acne all over his upper body. .... After 2 rounds of treatment he was "healed" but the pain and suffering wasn't worth it .... To this day I still get small prickly pain in the same spot, I just turned 53. ...

Help with Plantar Warts

Jun 11, 2009 ... I guess that was my teenage 'acne', made up for not getting it I guess. ... It may not work as well on the toe cuz it's kind of an awkward spot. ... I decided to do home treatment from over the counter wart treatment. ...
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  • otc wart remover in 2 answers "I agree w/the the OTC wart remover & be diligient about using it."
  • had plantar warts in 3 answers "Hi there H., I had plantar warts as a child which did not respond to the very painful ..."
  • avoid cortizone creams in 2 answers "I was told avoid cortizone creams....they are not good for an infant and sometimes ..."
  • bath with baking soda in 2 answers "It was painful and we were in the bath with baking soda at 2am almost every night ..."
  • diaper rash cream in 5 answers "I also use aveeno diaper rash cream and baby wash."