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Looking for Miracle Product

Ive always had bad acne problems since a teen which really sucks About 9 mos ago I tried the Mary Kay products and now Im ... 42 Years Old with Rosacea ...

Baby with Hives?

It could by rosacea, which my 14 month old daughter when she was about 9 months and I was nursing ... The bumps looks like a baby acne, if that helps any. ...


M.B. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if any moms can give some advice on different medicines and alternative medical/herbal treatments for rosacea. I would like to get some different view...



J.O. asks from Indianapolis

Does anyone have a cure for Rosacea? The older I get, the more difficult it is to manage. I'm unable to take antibiotics and don't like their effects on my body. I...



E.W. asks from Dallas

I went to the dermatologist today and she said that I had rosacea. I did not care for the dermatologist because she rushed me, did not answer my questions, and pushed...


Rosacea While Pregnant

J.D. asks from Las Vegas

Hi, I am 31 weeks pregnant and have developed Rosacea on the tip of my nose. It is a dark red/purple and very embarrassing. I have never had this before. Is there a r...



K.G. asks from New York

Has anyone else had issues with acne since they have had children? I'm 33 now and I break out more now than when I was a teen. Any solutions?


Rosacea Skin Problems

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have had a problem with rosacea for over three years. It got pretty bad when I was pregnant with my first son and recently again when I got pregnant with my second ...


Anyone Have Rosacea - the RED CHECKS

M.J. asks from Chicago

Hi All Moms, I was wondering if anyone has Rosacea - I have a mild case but - I would like to get it under control......I'm afraid it will get worse as I get older...


Baby Acne

J.L. asks from Houston

My 5 week old has baby acne. My first child didn't have it and it looks like it hurts but everything I've read basically says it doesn't. If you've had a child with b...

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  • mary kay products in 2 answers "Try Mary Kay products. They have so many different foundations, mosturizers and beauty ..."
  • clog pores in 2 answers "Salicylic acid will help remove the dead layer of skin cells that can clog pores."
  • find out what is causing in 2 answers "Until you find out what is causing it, there isn't much you can do."
  • witch hazel in 2 answers "($6) CVS witch hazel & salicylic acid astringent ($6)(green bottle- looks like Biore ..."
  • soaps and detergents in 2 answers "I agree with trying differnt soaps and detergents."