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I was 22 years old and had been fighting acne for many years. I have had facials ..... What Is the Best Choice for an Acne Problem? 38 · Acne Medications? ...

Acne Solutions for Pre-teens

I would like to do as much as I can for her without using a lot of topical chemicals or medications. Has anyone had success in treating acne with diet or ...

Little Pimples on 2 Year Old's Cheek

Is she taking any medications? Have you switched laundry detergents? ... Those pimples are either milia or baby acne, both very common in young children, ...

Acne Help

I used to have acne so bad that I was on medication for it for several years. I finally got tired of the side-effects and went off the meds. ...

Help for My Teen-age Son with Bad Acne

I had terrible acne as a teenage too. Luckily, my family doctor caught it before it got too bad and left scars. I know thre are many skin medications out ...

Seeking Dermatologist in the Carrollton/Far North Dallas/Plano Area

I was very pleased I had an outbreak of acne after moving here from california and could not get rid of it, he was great and prescribed me medication for my ...

How to prevent acne during pregnancy?

I also asked my doctors (at 2 different practices, we moved when I was 8 months preg) about other acne medications like Proactive and they looked at me a ...

My Six Year Old Has a Blackhead

over the counter acne in 2 answers "I'd ask the pediatrician to take a look at it. Most over-the-counter acne medications ..." might want to try in 2 ...

Pregnancy Breakouts…

Read all 14 responses: "I am 26 weeks pregnant and experiencing acne, ... Safe Acne Treatment During Pregnancy? ... Acne Medication While Breastfeeding ...

Any Advice for Breastfeeding Mom with Acne?

The thing I discovered was that I couldn't use any additional products with acne medication in them or my skin would dry out as I said. ...
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  • 5 percent benzoyl peroxide in 2 answers "... On-The-Spot is a miracle treatment because it's a 2.5% benzoyl-peroxide ..."
  • benzoyl peroxide cream in 2 answers "... On-The-Spot is a miracle treatment because it's a 2.5% benzoyl-peroxide cream ..."
  • used tea tree oil in 2 answers "I used tea tree oil. Just use it very sparingly, as it is very strong."
  • blemish control toner in 2 answers "... and *a toner only once a day in the begining(Mary Kay Blemish Control Toner ..."
  • about tea tree oil in 2 answers "hi there- i don't know about tea tree oil."