acid reflux problems

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Newborn with Acid Reflux and Painful Gas

Oct 7, 2009 ... It turns out that the underlying problem that contributed to the acid reflux was an allergy to milk and soy proteins that in most babies is ...

Advice Regarding Breast Feeding and Acid Reflux

Along with time (to heal the irritation associated with acid reflux) these simple changes should solve the problem. If not, your baby may have been ...

Does Anyone Have a Baby with Acid Reflux?

MD's seem to just want to medicate but for acid reflux I have found with babies on up to my elderly father, meds only mask the problem and it continues to ...

Seeking Acid Reflux Moms

It worked wonders with my second son who got diagnosed with acid reflux and my third who never had any problems because I started her on it from the ...

Acid Reflux

Both of my children had problems with acid reflux. My son (three months premature) far worse than my daughter. Dr. Browns bottles helped both of them; ...

Acid Reflux

My daughter is 4 1/2 weeks old and I believe she has acid reflux. .... I am sorry to hear she is having intestinal problems, though. Our son had reflux too. ...

Need Help with Acid Reflux

My youngest daughter had acid reflux too. I only gave her the meds for a .... her to whole milk at 12 months, she had no problems digesting milk at all. ...

Does My Baby Have Reflux??

I'm not sure if this is a reflux problem considering he's already on a ... My doctor fought me on even admitting my son had acid reflux (which he absolutely ...

Acid Reflux Frustrations

He had significant acid reflux, which was treated with prevacid and reglan for 1 yr. He grew out of the reflux/spitting up problem. My second son was born 3 ...

Why Babies Have Colic or Acid Reflux?

Are formula feed babies less colic or likely to have acid reflux? .... Second, breastmilk is ALWAYS superior to formula and will cause less problems. ...
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