acid reflux only at night

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My 8 Year Old Feels Nauseous Every Night.

He might have acid reflux or might be gassy. Those cure a multitude of problems .... I also want to add allergy testing can only test for ig* type allergic ...

How Do I Know If My 4 Week Old Has Acid Reflux?

My son has acid reflux. He was an extremely fussy, colicky child until 2.5 months. He would be up for hours at night arching his back, pulling up his legs, ...

More Info on Acid Reflux

For example, last night she spit up quite a large amount when it was almost time for her next feeding. Is this normal with acid reflux? As a new mom, ...

Sleep and Eating

First, we found out our son has acid reflux so we tried Previcid and he had an ... the death rate of SIDS has only come down 1% since the back to sleep ...

Need Help with Reflux

Read all 17 responses: "One of my twins was diagnosed with acid reflux when ... The only problem is, she's still sleeping in her bouncy seat every night in ...

Newborn Will Only Sleep in Swing

Horrible acid reflux with jet-vommiting and she only wanted to sleep sitting ... My husband and I would carry the swing from the bedroom with us at night to ...

Acid Reflux & Gas--AAAAHHHH!!!!

Previously I was only using Gripe Water and Hylands Colic tablets and they just weren't ... B., I have 3 daughter, 2 of them had acid reflux and gas real bad, .... A few days after we upped the dose of Zantac it was like night and day. ...

4 Yr. Old Granddaughter -- Is It Acid Reflux or What?

It could be, My flare ups always happen in the evening, I didn't even know it was acid reflux sometimes the only symptoms you have are those like you ...

Acid Reflux HELP - Tips and Doctor Recommendations

My husband works long hours so I am with her all day and up at night again. .... My son who is now 14 started life with a really bad bout of acid reflux ...

Seeking Acid Reflux Moms

My daughter also had reflux and the only thing that helped her was Prevacid solutabs. We did half a tab in the morning and the rest at night and it worked ...
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