acid reflux disease

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Two Month Old Has Acid Reflux and I Can't Put Him in His Crib to Sleep

Read all 17 responses: "My two month old has acid mild acid reflux and when I ... Hi C., My little girl had acid reflux also. I propped her in the boppy, ...

Four Month Old Constant Crying-is It Colic, Acid Reflux, Lactose Intolerance?

At our 4 month check-up the doctor prescribed Zantac for acid reflux. Our baby is gaining weight fine and her only symptoms are excessive crying and ...

Acid Reflux

She was not diagnosed with Acid Reflux until she was 2 and was old enough to ... My son is now 8 mths old and he began his acid reflux when he was born. ...

Gagging Kid-please Help!

She was on acid reflux meds for the first year of her life, and since then has ... with a history of swallowing difficulty who have Parkinson's Disease, ...

Does Anyone Have a Baby with Acid Reflux?

(gave these things to my son and help him immensely with acid reflux and colds. .... Side effect means another disease. I am not a health-care practitioner ...

Colic/umbilicalcord Hernia/acid Reflux/sleep Apnea

Dec 26, 2009 ... Read all 7 responses: "Sorry ladies a little background on me here first... Hi Im a single mom of three great kids the oldest is a 7 year ...

Will the Spitting up Ever End?

She was diagnosed with having acid reflux at just 4 weeks old. Her pediatrician is also a pedi GI ... Oh, and you may also want to consider celiac disease. ...

Acid Reflux in Infants

My sister has a 4 week old who seems to have acid reflux. ... My daughter had acid reflux so badly she wasn't able to lay down even for a diaper change ...

Seeking Natural Remedy to Acid Reflux / Gerd's

Read all 6 responses: "Hi Mom's I have terrible acid reflux and am look for a natural alternative. ... Seeking Alternative Treatment of Acid Relfux Disease ...

4 Month Old with Frequent Spit Up

My daughter was also diagnosed with acid reflux. ... Definetely sounds like reflux to me, also known aas gerd~gastroentestinal reflux disease~ u should ask ...
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  • 30 minutes after every feeding in 2 answers "... at a 45 degree angle, and we kept her upright for 30 minutes after every feeding."
  • leaky gut syndrome in 2 answers "... child's digestive processes for the rest of her life, causing leaky gut syndrome."
  • eating more solid foods in 2 answers "... finally slowed down on the spitting up when he started eating more solid foods."
  • because of the pressure on his stomach in 2 answers "... a little worse when he started crawling because of the pressure on his stomach."
  • pyloric stenosis in 3 answers "... him for different stomach/digestive condititions, including Pyloric Stenosis."