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Acid Reflux

Read all 29 responses: "My three month old was born with acid reflux that the ... It caused similar problems. The baby actually had to have surgery as the ...

Does My Son Have Acid Reflux and Can They Give Him Something?

I think he has acid reflux but maybe it is something he just needs to out grow. ..... The reglan caused her stomach to contract properly and problem solved. ...

Pool Etiquette and My Acid-Reflux Baby

My baby has acid reflux and unfortunately spits up a lot and does so while we ... kids for at least an hour and also caused quite the commotion at the pool. ...

Need Help and Reassurance with 1 Month Old Sleeping, Acid Reflux?

... and his lower back was out which caused his intestines to bind. ... My second had Acid reflux and I had a 2 year old who also awoke around 6/6:30 am. ...

12 Month Old with Frequent Vomiting

Since he was 1 month old, he has been diagnosed with acid reflux..." ... while swallowing barium) to see if the reflux is caused by an anatomical problem. ...

Gas and Acid Reflux

One suggestion I have, is talk to your doctor about the different kinds of meds out there for acid reflux. The first one our daughter was on caused her to ...

Newborn Spitting up Problems

My baby girl had acid reflux and was put on medication and it made a huge ... Her spit-also caused her to lose weight. Our ped put her on an acid reducer ...

Acid Reflux

My daughter had acid reflux and we didn't catch it till she was 4 months old. I nursed also. In the beginning all she was do was nurse and she caused me to ...

Acid Reflux in Newborn/ Projectile Vomitting

Both of my daughters had acid reflux, projectile vomiting and colic. .... but dairy based formula caused a dramatic and painful reaction. ...

Milk Allergy, Acid Reflux or WHAT???

Coughing/Gagging/Choking - Dr. says it's a milk allergy or acid reflux ..... Her little esophagus was totally raw, which caused her great pain when she ...
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  • also born with acid reflux in 2 answers "Hi, My niece was also born with acid reflux and my sister tried everything, then ..."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "I would consult a lactation specialist or someone from La Leche League."
  • had a milk protein allergy in 2 answers "She also had a milk protein allergy as an infant."
  • girl had acid reflux in 2 answers "L., My baby girl had acid reflux and was put on medication and it made a huge difference!"
  • instead of burp cloths in 2 answers "My daughter threw up so much I had to use towels instead of burp cloths."