acid reflux and throat

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Acid Reflux

My 1 month old was just diagnosed with acid reflux today. .... when she get's really excited I can see milk spouting up in the back of her throat (she does ...

11 Month Old with Acid Reflux Doesn't Sleep Through the Night

He has acid reflux and takes preacid. When I pick him up,(which I don't like to do .... and cries because it brings the liquid in his throat and burns him. ...

Acid Reflux

Just found out last week that my 11 week old son has acid reflux. ..... Keep him upright so that the acid doesn't ride up his throat. Keep up the med. ...

Newborn Acid Reflux

Read all 15 responses: "My 7 week old was diagnosed with acid reflux today and ... of....the acid can do a lot of damage to his throat and all the way down! ...

Does Anyone Have a Baby with Acid Reflux?

... real slimy and gooey and starting 3 days ago, she has a very hoarse throat. ... (gave these things to my son and help him immensely with acid reflux and ...

Acid Reflux??

Read all 23 responses: "I think my 7 week old son might have acid reflux. ... ( it is reflux only they don't spit up, it just gets caught in their throat and ...

Silent Acid Reflux

-coughing or choking-sounds like something is in or burning her/his throat ... We finally ended up at a gastro doctor & he does have acid reflux however he ...

5 Month Old and Acid Reflux

My daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux but she had the actual sypmtoms. .... What happens is the reflix comes back up into their throat and burns them. ...

Acid Reflux or Just His Personality? How Can We Get Some Sleep?!

I hope his acid reflux goes away because I know that is part of his problem, .... There was a muscle in the throat that was not fully developed (strong ...

Acid Reflux & Gas--AAAAHHHH!!!!

B., I have 3 daughter, 2 of them had acid reflux and gas real bad, ..... scope down her throat and another up her bottom (she was on general anesthesia for ...
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