acid reflux and sleep

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How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

The slight incline of a sleep positioner might help if she has acid reflux, too --- due to acid reflux, many babies need an incline to sleep on their backs, ...

Newborn Will Only Sleep in Swing

My 4 week old seems to have a case of acid reflux....very fussy after feedings and while at the breast and will only sleep in a reclined position; ...

Sleep Help Needed for Colicky/reflux/preemie Infant

He also has acid reflux and is on two medications (Zantac and Prevacid) and ... My husband and I have our own business and needed sleep at night and we ...

Acid Reflux

Has anyone else had this much of a problem controlling acid reflux, ... ceral in her bottle just alittle to thinkin it up and had her sleep sitting up for a ...

My 2Monrth Old Deaughter Wont Sleep Alot

Read all 21 responses: "my 2 month old daughter wont sleep like a baby should. she ... If so, this is a BIG red flag that something is wrong (acid reflux, ...

Advice on Getting 5 Mo Old to Sleep Better

We tried nuk, no nuk, letting him soothe himself back to sleep (didn't work), patting his butt, singing, rocking. .... Next question: Acid Reflux ...

Newborn with Acid Reflux and Painful Gas

Oct 7, 2009 ... My newborn had horrible acid reflux too and was in a lot of pain ..... I had to sleep with my son on my chest in they recliner for months ...

Acid Reflux

My 1 month old was just diagnosed with acid reflux today. .... I wish she was diagnosed sooner as she was clearly in pain while she tried to sleep. ...

Help Get My Son to Sleep!

I need some motherly advice on getting my 4 month old son to sleep on his .... If your baby has reflux, the acid is burning his esophogus when he lies flat. ...

Seeking Advice on Alternative Therapies for Reflux Baby

Our 4 month old daughter has severe acid reflux and is very uncomfortable during the day unless she is being held and her sleep is very erratic. ...
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