acid reflux and babies

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Acid reflux...when Medicine Doesn't Work

My sweet little five month-old baby boy has been diagnosed with acid reflux. Apparently, he has quite a nasty case of reflux. We're giving him both Prevacid ...

Acid Reflux

We just tried switching her to the really expensive formula that is suppose to be for babies with colic and acid reflux and she is still the same and it ...

Acid Reflux

My son was an acid reflux baby... I knew that he was extremely uncomfortable, and I wanted to do anything to make him feel better. He was darn near 3 months ...

Baby Has Been Diagnosed with Acid Reflux

Read all 6 responses: "my 2 month old has recently been diagnosed with acid reflux; after doctor tried zantac, we put him on prevacid...he is constantly ...

Newborn with Acid Reflux and Painful Gas

Oct 7, 2009 ... It turns out that the underlying problem that contributed to the acid reflux was an allergy to milk and soy proteins that in most babies is ...

Two Month Old Has Acid Reflux and I Can't Put Him in His Crib to Sleep

They keep the baby's head above their heart which is wondeful for babies with acid reflux. (It also does many others things that help with babies sleeping. ...

Infant with Acid Reflux

You're baby is so young, I don't understand acid reflux in infants! It's not like they're eating spicy foods. Maybe that is what infants really had when ...

Newborn Acid Reflux

If you search online for acid reflux in babies - you'll find lots and lots of helpful message boards set up for parents of infants with reflux. ...

Acid Reflux

Has anyone else had this much of a problem controlling acid reflux, .... Should I Give Prevacid or Zantac to My 5 Mos. Old Baby with Reflux? ...

Acid Reflux or Just His Personality? How Can We Get Some Sleep?!

I am the proud mama of a beautiful 7 week old baby boy...with bad acid reflux. He is on baby prilosec but he is still spits up a lot. ...
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