acid reflux and allergies

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Acid Reflux or Colic?

She was also diagnosed with acid reflux. I dealt with it from 3 weeks old til ... until we got her reflux and milk allergy diagnosed and treated (finally). ...

Constantly Congested Toddler

Could your son have acid reflux? Acid reflux can cause congestion. When my son was constantly congested even when taking his allergy and asthma medicines, ...

Daughter Coughing (Not a Bark) More Frequently, No Fever...

Since we know she has acid reflux (controlled by adding rice cereal to her ... Combo of teething and allergies. We're not doing anything except a saline ...

Acid Reflux

The doctor that I saw that said it was acid reflux was not "her" doctor. .... early on in the infant's life make the babies more susceptible to allergies. ...

Infant with Acid Reflux

My daughter had a milk allergy and when we gave her milk formula she projectile vomited. She also had acid reflux (or that's what we thought she had) and we ...

6 Month Old Started Solids and Is Projectile Vomiting

Vomiting can be a sign of a food allergy. Allergies can get worse with ... I wonder if he could have acid reflux. My son did the same thing and he was ...

11 Month Old Allergic to Dairy and Weaning from Breastfeeding

So we don't expose her to anything containing the allergens. Also, because she was premature, she had acid reflux and serious gas issues. ...

Cough with No Other Symptoms

Sep 28, 2009 ... You might want to get him tested for allergies or speak to his ... On Tuesday acid reflux symptoms allergy medicine autism symptoms bravo ...

Acid Reflux or Just His Personality? How Can We Get Some Sleep?!

I hope his acid reflux goes away because I know that is part of his ...... It is all about reflux and milk allergies. I read it and found it VERY helpful. ...

Acid Reflux

Read all 12 responses: "My son has acid reflux and we can't get a handle on his ... Get an allergy work up done on your son..if he is allergic to soy or ...
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  • doesnt sound like acid reflux in 2 answers "... like myself but she would spit up alot. It doesn't sound like Acid Reflux ..."
  • adenoids were too large in 2 answers "... he has allergies, weather induced asthma, and that his adenoids were too large ..."
  • post nasal drip in 2 answers "Perhaps he has post nasal drip from not being able to properly digest dairy foods."
  • diagnosed with acid reflux in 3 answers "Our daughter, now 3, was diagnosed with Acid Reflux at about 9 weeks old."
  • diagnosed with acid reflux in 3 answers "... weeks old my son had the stenosis test also and was diagnosed with acid reflux."