acid reflux after pregnancy

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Lump Sensation in Throat During Pregnancy

Jul 30, 2009 ... When I approached my doctor, he insisted that I had acid reflux and tried to ... AFter second baby was born (I did not treat my heartburn, ...

Acid reflux...when Medicine Doesn't Work

We also make sure he burps, keep him propped up after eating and when he sleeps. ... My 4 month old daughter was diagnosed with Acid Reflux a little over a ...

Newborn Acid Reflux

Read all 15 responses: "My 7 week old was diagnosed with acid reflux today ... She was on acid suppressers until a little after her second birthday but has ...

Infant with Acid Reflux

My now 5 month old son was diagnosed with acid reflux at 4 weeks old after pyloric stenosis was ruled out via ultrasound. He could vomit across the room ...

Acid Reflux & Gas--AAAAHHHH!!!!

B., I have 3 daughter, 2 of them had acid reflux and gas real bad, .... your baby sits upright for 20-30 minutes after eating because babies' throats don't ...

Newborn with Acid Reflux and Painful Gas

Oct 7, 2009 ... So after about 4 weeks we went to a pediatric gastrointestinal doctor when the other formulas and acid reflux medicine didn't work. ...

Need Help with Acid Reflux

I never heard of a baby having acid reflux until just recently. It must just be the drug of .... What also helped us was burping her after every 1/2 ounce. ...

Acid Reflux

Has anyone else had this much of a problem controlling acid reflux, ... and she didnt have to be put on meds after amonth she was fine and didnt have it any ...

My Baby Keeps Throwing Up

That was because I feed her after she got sick. Finally got a doctor to listen. My girl has ACID REFLUX and now is up to 30 mg a day. ...

Baby Yogurt

I gave it to him after he started eating othe solid foods. ... I'm an infant acid reflux Guru: ...
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  • diagnosed with acid reflux in 3 answers "... weeks old my son had the stenosis test also and was diagnosed with acid reflux."
  • used the enfamil ar in 2 answers "... was that the meds didn't help but each person is diff. We used the Enfamil AR ..."
  • had acid reflux in 3 answers "My son had acid is miserable."
  • your thyroid levels in 2 answers "Ask to have your thyroid levels checked."
  • lactose free formula in 2 answers "... is PERFECT for him...The new Similac Sensitive RS..It is a lactose free formula ..."