acid mantle cream for eczema

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2 questions....Baby's Dry, Cracked Skin and C-section Scar?

A very good product for dry skin and/or eczema is called Acid Mantle Cream. It is fairly expensive - like 8 bucks for a small tube, but you only need a very ...

4-Month Old with Eczema

Ask your doctor about Acid Mantle. This worked WONDERS for my daughter when ..... One of my triplets has eczema. Her Doctor prescribed a cream that works ...

Severe Ezema & Croupe Cough

Further, there are no animal byproducts, no human byproducts, PH Correct, your body has an acid mantle on it that is like a bug zapper. ...

Really Itchy Skin

I use only Gentle Naturals Eczema Baby wash and I use the lotion ,too. .... I found that Aquaphor and Acid Mantle(the pharmacy usually have it behind the ...

Diaper Rash That Wont Go Away. Help!

If you cant find Acid Mantle, then use Lansinoh (a lanolin ointment). It is available in the diaper cream section of drug stores. ...

Baby Lotion Recommendation for Son's Dry Skin

Our dermatologist told us to use a cream tub lotion instead of a pump lotion. .... It's slighly acidic, has an acid mantle. When you wash with alkaline ...

Cure for Dry Hands

Apr 9, 2009 ... Eucrine cream--not lotion is what my dermatologist recommended to me. ..... Soap can strip your protective acid mantle from your skin ...

Need Good Moisturizer for Infant with Sensitive Skin

... Aesthetician I learned that our skin needs to manintain an acid mantle. ...... Try Cetaphil cream or Aquaphor. My son has eczema and both work well for ...

Diaper Rash Treatments

It was a yeast infection and eczema, all better now though." ... and she got us hooked on this cream called Acidmantle or Amantle. ...

Diaper Rash

There are certain creams for the infection. Anyway, if it's not that you could try this stuff called Acid Mantle. It's great for all kinds of skin ...
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