abusing a child

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3 1/2 Yr Old Who Hits Our Dog

Always make the child apologize to the dog. With my kids, it was a .... 3 1/2 Year Old "Abusing" Puppy · 14 · Teaching Child How to Interact with Pets ...

Ex Hubby Is Fighting Me for Sole Custody

Write down every time he sees your child, every penny he gives you for support, ... that you are doing drugs, getting drunk, abusing or neglecting your son. ...

Daughter Won't Stop Bothering Dog

Create, capture your child's Memories in Timeline .... Next question: 3 1/2 Year Old "Abusing" Puppy ... Teaching Child How to Interact with Pets ...

Toddler and Dog

Jun 9, 2009 ... Your child KNOWS he isn't supposed to be rough with the dog, but it's his job as a .... Next question: 3 1/2 Year Old "Abusing" Puppy ...

Asperger's Syndrome?

Read all 7 responses: "does any mom out there have a child with this ... of- we have run into people abusing my sister physically because of her behavior. ...

Need Help with My Son

What's he into? Maybe he's abusing them verbally, emotionally, etc. I say why force the kids to go if they don't want to? What is this child going to get ...

Corporal Punishment

corporal never works. it causes the child to respond to violence which ... one of us grew up to be a drug abusing addict, one had 4 nervous breakdowns, ...

Over Emotional Daughter

This might be why she doesn't like the onsite child care. ... as simple as a teacher who reprimanded her or as serious as someone abusing her in some way. ...

My 10 Year Old Bully

Make it clear to your child that it is totally unacceptable and you will be .... I'm not saying that you or anyone else in your family is abusing your son ...

Are Exersaucers and Jumpers Bad for My Baby's Development?

... or even abusing their baby because they didn't know what to do. ... In my infant/child development course I learned that the reason jumpers and walkers ...
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  • bad for your sons development in 2 answers "... and specifically explain why these items are "bad for your son's development ..."
  • tape phone calls in 2 answers "FYI - it is NOT illegal to tape phone calls, at least not in KS."
  • doesnt like your ex in 2 answers "Your son doesn't like your ex, and I wouldn't push it."
  • give the dog a hug in 2 answers "... she is sorry for _____ (what ever kind of hurt she did) and give the dog a hug."
  • get sole custody in 2 answers "E.: It doesn't sound like your ex has a chance in (hell) to get sole custody of ..."