abused and neglected children

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My Son Has Delegated All Decisions About My Grandson to His Live in Girlfriend .

T.K. asks from New York

He has lived with and known the girlfriend 2 years. The boy sees his mom on weekends and she is not really involved in day to day care or decisions. The girlfriend is...


My Sister Is a Bad Mother!!!

M.S. asks from Melbourne

For over a year my sister has been living with my mother. She has two children ages 4 and 5. My mother is constantly complaining to me how she goes out every night an...



D.K. asks from Miami

What would you do if your sister abandoned her five year old son? It happened to me. We agreed to take my nephew for the kindergarten year, instead of letting him go ...


Destructo Dog!

E.L. asks from Chicago

We have a great dog (Hershey, female, shar pei/lab, 6 yrs old) She's been great with our little girl since we brought her home but she has been a little jealous and u...



S.S. asks from Milwaukee

Help!! All you awesome moms out there have helped me before. Here's my situation: I am estranged from my mother. Long, boring story: the proverbial unhappy childhood....


Depression Help

C.L. asks from Miami

i am a busy stay @ home mom of 3 and i have absolutly NO PATIENCE. I feel like i am ALWAYS angry or sad. I am not in the best marriage, he is a wonderful person and...


Confused Emotions over Vasectomy

H.M. asks from Fayetteville

We are in a committed marriage and almost to our 9th anniversary with 4 children. My husband decided that he didn't want to have any more children and had a vasectomy...


Why Teach Our Kids to Work?

M.W. asks from Flagstaff

I have been asked to give a presentation on why we teach our children to work, and I was hoping to get some feedback from other moms. What I'm requesting is: What k...


Perspective on the Cheating Husbands

E.V. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms,,I just read the news about a former NFL who left his pregnant wife for other woman. It scares me, knowing that a human heart could be so cold; she was pregna...


Pooping on the Floor

J.P. asks from Sharon

I have a friend who has foster children. The 4 year old boy poops on the floor on purpose. No matter what she does, she can not get him to stop. He has also peed in t...

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  • sounds like your sister in 3 answers "It sounds like your sister is ill-prepared to be a parent."
  • no uncertain terms in 2 answers "Either way, you just need to tell her that in no uncertain terms you will never have ..."
  • strong work ethic in 2 answers "It was always hard work but this created a very strong work ethic and out of all the ..."
  • sounds like your mother in 2 answers "sounds like your mother is a bad mother."
  • improve your mood in 2 answers "The meds will help to improve your mood and thinking."