abuse against children

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How Do I Get Sleep?

... will file a report against you with District Attorney for children being truant .... Technical Errors, Report Abuse, Delete Mamapedia Account, Other ...

My 4-Year Old Talks Back

Jun 1, 2009 ... When my children start acting contrary to normal for them, .... Abuse does not result from anger issues. ... Remember - you're the parent, what you say goes and he shouldn't question it or fight against it. ...

Alternative Medicine Cost So Much for Me. I Would like to Use Them

Another thing I found was simply the way that children with ... inattentive ADD this past summer I initialy was against medication We tried therapy tutoring ...

Advice on How to Deal with Child Stealing

I know a lot of children these days are obsessed with texting but this is .... I am going to go against much of the advice here, but I was a juvenile ..... it was listed as "Parent Abuse" and not child abuse!!! At the age of 18, ...

Third Miscariage Turns into a Split Uterus Diagnosis

Sep 26, 2009 ... 12 year old little boy so I know I can have children but now my new ... and it seems like everything in the world is working against me ...

"Seeking Arm Cast Advice"

... any other mothers have any hints or experience with their small children wearing casts. ... Although the Dr's recommended against it, when my son broke his wrist, I found a SMALL ..... drug and alcohol abuse · drug and alcohol rehab ...

Healthy Toddler with Cccasional Blue Lips

... have known children with heart defectsnot fatal whose lips would turn blue ... probably does notin all honesty the odds are REALLY against it 12 out of ...

Mom Seeking Advise on ADD or ADHD School Is Claiming Child Has Symptoms

Children with ADD or ADHD tend to do and/or say things without really ..... I was really against medication in the beginning but I really see an .... or abuse them by taking more than what they're suppose to in order to get high. ...

Poison Ivy - How Do I Get Rid of It!

I brushed against Poison Ivy or Sumac the other day and am really suffering. ... People who were sensitive to poison ivy as children may not be allergic as adults. ... water waste treatment · drug and alcohol abuse ...

People Are Saying Bad Things Because I Home School My Kids, How Can I Cope?

It can be hard when others are against you but YOU are the children's mother ...... this from the in-laws as if you're committing some type of child abuse. ...
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  • nay sayers in 15 answers "Please do not be put off by the nay-sayers."
  • lips used to turn blue in 2 answers "My sister's lips used to turn blue and she had serious heart issues as a child."
  • talk to him about his anger in 2 answers "... not angry and you are both calm, pull him close and talk to him about his anger ..."
  • poison ivy rash in 2 answers "I developed the poison ivy rash under my arm once and discovered it came from the ..."
  • stick to your guns in 5 answers "I know several families who did home school. Stick to your guns!"