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He Wont "Cry It Out"

TNP: This pattern of parenting that you are describing falls under what you call "normative abuse." Can you describe this concept for our readers and talk ...

Cleaning Stainless Steel

abuse alcohol · alcohol abuse · steel bar · cleaning work · appliances stainless steel · household appliances · solution cleaning · stainless steel ...

Package of Gum Made It to the Dryer!

substance abuse · package travel · clothes dryer · abuse alcohol · alcohol abuse · credit card apply · remove hair · apply for credit card ...

Adoptive Son Needing Help with Behavior Problems

He has a problem with obedience, which I'm sure stemmed from his abuse. ..... hi francis. i came from a home dealing with similar abuse i can just say he ...

4 Year Old Wetting on Self

Abuse can be mentally ,physical, or even the worst child molesting. I would start examinating everthing. D. It could be an infection, like bladder infection ...

My Brother Shouts at His Kids Constantly

Emotional Abuse--Put downs, name calling. Using children as confidants. ... Economic Abuse--Withholding basic needs, using money to control behavior. ...

BIG Problem with Husband's Language

If this is how it sounds ,it is Emotional Abuse and needs to be dealt with, ... And, if he is verbally abusing you as you say he is, this is Abuse. ...

Help with a Controlling Husband

If you are not able to afford counseling at this time, please contact the national domestic abuse hotline. They can put you in contact with someone who can ...

Home Schooling

Molestation, physical abuse, verbal abuse, lunch money stolen, learning new swear words, being stuck with hateful teachers, having the school Board force ...

3 Year Old Colored Red Sharpie on White Cabinets!!! HELP!!

abuse alcohol · cabinet furniture · medicine cabinets · bath cabinets · red paint · white cabinets · mr right · red hair color · wood glue · wine fridge ...
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