abscessed tooth and breastfeeding

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Endometriosis and Breastfeeding

I have been breastfeeding my daughter since day one and..." ... However, I got bad advice from mine when I had a breast abscess. ...

Bump on Gums

It ended up being an abscess. Had we not done anything about it there could have been damage done to her permanent teeth. I would encourage you to have your ...

Dental Care for a Toddler?

One of his teeth coming in has caused his gum to turn blueish purple and all ... and one of the original four developed an abscess this year which he had ...

Stopping Breastfeeding Cold Turkey

I am still breastfeeding my daughter that is 7 months old well I only feed ... ducts breast infection or even a breast abscess Hard spots are sign for it ...

Chipped Tooth Turning Yellow/ Brownish

Oct 28, 2009 ... Bottle & Breastfeeding · Digestion · Eating Disorders ... My just turned 2 year old son chipped his front right tooth about .... I would definately take your child back to the dentist just in case the tooth is abcessed. ...

Lump on My Child's Leg

Could be a bone growth, an abscess or a variety of other things that they can easily fix. Doesn't sound like anything they are rushing to get you in to take ...

Anyone Else Heard of an Abcessed Tonsil....

It's called Peritonsillar Abscess. Google it so you can check the symptoms to ... I haven't had experience with an abcessed tonsil, but if you need an ENT, ...

Loose Tooth Turning Black

The dentist said that as long as the teeth don't abscess we just leave them in. My son is now 5 and his teeth are no problem. Helpful? ...


Read all 20 responses: "My 2 1/2 month old breastfed son is sleeping through the night the last 3 days. ... I Think I Have a Breast Abscess ...

Breast Engorgement - HELP!!

You said you are NOT breastfeeding. I didnt breastfeed with my children. I always found that you should leave the .... I Think I Have a Breast Abscess ...
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