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Maybe You Can Help Figure Out What Doctors Cant

It turns out it was an abscess of my fallopian tube and ovary. ... When you are having gyn issues (cysts, abscess, etc.), it can slow down your digestive ...

Endometriosis and Breastfeeding

However, I got bad advice from mine when I had a breast abscess. After going through a painful experience of weening my baby I met someone in the Le Leche ...

Need to Find a Vet in the Bellflower Area

Our 13 year old Chow had a painful bleeding anal abscess, had trouble lifting his ... After vaguely looking at the abscess, Dr. Citek said it was a tumor. ...

Need Advice

The one concern of the maxillo-facial surgeon was an abscess forming at the base of the tooth. Just be aware of this possibility if your little boy ...

Should We Fill Out 3 Yr Olds Cavity

It turned into an abscess and it had to be pulled- which I did not discover ... Worse case, it can turn into an abscess like with my son and if it isn't ...

My 4 Year Old Son Is 24 Pounds and Wont Gain Weight.

She finally had her tonsils removed to uncover a terrible abscess! ... She was slowly dying from the abscess and the Dr.s couldn't find out what was wrong. ...

Baby Has a Sore Bottom, Could This Be from Learning How to Walk?

Thank you for your advise, I did take my little man to the ER, they had an ultra sound found a Perirectal Abscess. Which then he was omitted to the hosptial ...

Cavities in Baby Teeth: Looking for Advice About How to Proceed.

My 7 yr old just had an abscess...and we were going to pull 1 baby tooth. ... In that time the abscess tooth developed a cavity the size of a pea, ...

Questioning Dental Procedure for 3-Year Old

They could abscess and have to be extracted in an emergency visit due to swelling. At that point, you would not have the benefit of the IV sedation. ...

To Give or Not to Give: Antibiotics

So this time, we are treating with antibiotics, along with having the abscess drained. Not that the abscess has anything to do with your needs, ...
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