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Food Ideas for a One Year Old

In your signature line I noticed that you have succeeded in doing what I'm trying to do. You noted that you now have a successful home based business. ...

Would You Change Daycare Centers?

That's what I'm doing now, and you sound as stressed about the same issues as I have been. I hope things improve now that you're starting somewhere else. ...

Cheating Husband

Aug 15, 2009 ... Im so sorry this is happening to you It's obvious that you need to leave and leave now Divorce360 is a great website where you can get some ...

Should I Give My Breastfed Baby Water?

I believe breast milk is the only thing your daughter needs right now. I think by adding water will only give her problems. I wouldn't introduce until you ...

36 Weeks Pregnant with Unfounded Fears of Dying with Repeat C-section or H1N1

I will let you know how it went and if I forget with all that will be going on with newborn at home and breastfeeding etc...I am telling you now. ...

Need Help Undyeing My Laundry!

Dec 11, 2009 ... Sorry to inform you but vinegar is commonly used to set the color in items after dying so you now own a load of nice pink laundry. ...

My Toddler Prefers My Nanny - Too Late for Attachment Parenting????

He just doesnt see you enough now. He doesnt even remember who was there and wasnt the first week or 2 or even 3 weeks of birth. ...

Taking Child Out of State

Oct 6, 2009 ... Now if you had a job and a better lifestyle in a new area then you can petition the court to allow you to move if the dad says no. ...

Broken Arm with 2 Young Kids

God bless you! I live in Margate and willing to help you like so many other wonderful moms here! I am 48 and I raised my son and now raising my 2 nieces age ...

Intimacy Issues During Pregnancy?!

You're creating life. Don't look at it as an expanded belly, look at it as life! I hope this helps you to feel better about you right now. ...
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  • give your baby sugar water in 3 answers "No, there is no reason to give your baby sugar water if you are breastfeeing."
  • swine flu in 6 answers "I have also have a 16th month old and am very concerned about swine flu."
  • trust your instincts in 2 answers "... gotten all sorts of crazy advice on what to feed them, etc. Trust your instincts ..."
  • take a deep breath in 2 answers "Oh honey take a DEEP breath. Things are going to be just fine... skip the vaccine ..."
  • there is no reason to give in 2 answers "No, there is no reason to give your baby sugar water if you are breastfeeing."