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Best Place to Sell My Van

Read all 4 responses: "Moms, I'm going to FINALLY be getting my '06 Honda Oddysey on the market this week. What is the best venue you have found for selling ...

Advice on My Family Childcare Situation

My son is currently enrolled in a family daycare that is licensed. He is only there 2 days a week for about 7 hours. When we first checked out the place I ...

Possibly Relocating to Southern California

As one person mentioned you should really map out the commute time, Traffic is NO JOKE, I worked 14 miles from my place and it took me 1 hr and sometimes an ...

Looking for a Place in Bolingbrook to Renew My CPR Certificate

Read all 7 responses: "Hi, I am a childcare provider and my Cpr certificate is due to expire in October. Where can I go in Bolingbrook to renew?

My 7 Y/o Son Is Having Pain in an Unusual Place for a Child

Read all 14 responses: "Ok, I tood my 7 y/o son to the dr yesterday because he was complaining of burning when urinating and also pain in his scrotum.

My 5 Year Old Makes up Stories That Could Get Us in Trouble. What Do I Do?

I wonder what/if I should say something to him about it or if it isn't my place? ? Anyways...my purpose in telling you this is...he's not the only one who ...

Any Activity Suggestions for Daughter's 10 Year Birthday Sleepover Party?

I welcome small groups like yours and would be happy to host them while they have a pizza party at my place too, if that fits into your plans. contact me ...

I Need Advice and Tips in Regards to My Mother...

Even though she would come to my side of town once a week for a meeting of hers that made her less then a mile away from my place. ...

How Do I Deal with My Child Acting Out After a Divorce?

My son is now acting out, and throwing tantrums for the other parent whenever ... they do not understand that she took my place in his life and it will take ...

Recommend a Good Ob/place to Have a Baby

Read all 5 responses: "We're expecting baby #3. We've been down here a year only and I dont have an OB. So my questions are: Which is the best place to give ...
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  • used blue ridge ob in 2 answers "I used Blue Ridge OB/GYN on Durant... I gave birth at 41-1/2 weeks at Rex hospital."
  • ice cream sundaes in 2 answers "... for my daughter who turned 8 and we made individual pizzas and ice-cream sundaes."
  • rex birthing center in 2 answers "I had a horrible experience at Rex birthing center this past summer."
  • your gut instinct in 2 answers "I always tell the mothers in my daycare that your gut instinct is the best thing to ..."
  • cost of living increase in 2 answers "I think the cost of living increase will be a shocker."