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Big Gap Between Top Front Teeth Due to "Fraenum"

My son is 14 months old and he has a big gap between his front two teeth due to the abnormally low fraenum (piece of skin that attaches the top lip to the ...

My Son Snores like a Grown Man

His tosils also my be to big. My sons were 3X to big. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share .... abnormally big · infant sleep apnea ...

Help with Orthotics

Needless to say, he has severe hypotonia (abnormally low muscle..." ... And make just as big a deal (even though inside you are flipping cartwheels! ...

Snoring 5 Year Old

BIG time. Should I be concerned? Is this a health issue or is she just very tired? ... She said that although his tonsils were healthy, they were abnormally ...

Swollen Drooping Gum Between 2 Front Teeth

They do look abnormally swollen and droopy. ... If your dentist says its no big deal to leave a gray tooth, you may want to consult with another ...

Test for down Syndrome Came Back Postive

back problems · family trees · pregnant test · pregnancy test blood · amnio · holiday monday · abnormally big · amnio risk · 31 weeks photo · in amnio ...

How to Naturally Regain Hair Loss!

Are you abnormally puffy, or abnormally thin??? Hypo (underactive)thyroid can cause baldness, .... Good luck and big hugs... let us know what you find out. ...

Baby's Growth Rate

Microcephaly: When your baby's head is abnormally small .... Some kids have big heads, some small and it's not a worry. Keep us posted and good luck. ...

Helping Toddler to Gain Weight

Is he healthy, does he look abnormally small, is he tired all the time, ect. ... if your son was a little too big they would be worring you the other way. ...

Looking for Moms of Multiples!

My big sister just found out a week or so ago that her in vitro took! She is DEFINATELY pregnant..." ... Abnormally High Beta-HCG Levels in Early Pregnancy ...
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