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Middle Name for Quinn

R.S. asks from Kansas City

I know I have asked this before, but as my due date gets even closer, I am freaking out that we STILL do not have a name picked out. I thought I would put a little p...


What Do I Do with All My Maternity Clothes?

K.H. asks from Detroit

Hello, has anyone recently gotten rid of their maternity clothes? How did you do it? I'm kinda strapped for cash right now and know they have some value, but don't ...


It's a Girl!

Y.D. asks from Dallas

We found out today we are having a girl. We love the name Abbigail, but we would like to add a y to it somehow. My husband does not want the end of the name to have -...


Allergies - I Need Some New Recipies!

J.P. asks from Washington DC

My 16 month old son has a peanut and egg allergy and is also lactose intollerant. I have the hardest time finding foods that are safe for him to eat. He's a good ea...


Clothing Drop Boxes Selling the Clothes?

M.. asks from Detroit

I cleaned out my closet and have a bunch of clothes to get rid of. Some of it still has the tags on it, and a lot is barely worn maternity clothes. I heard clothin...


Too Many Toys

T.M. asks from Detroit

After Chrsitmas I have realized we have entirely too many toys. I would like to donate them, but don't know where. I DO NOT want to use Purple Heart. I have alread...


Chiropractic Care for Dog

D.C. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used an animal chiropracter for your dog? Can you tell me how it went, whether it worked the way you'd hoped, how many adjustments were needed, what proble...


Need a Beautiful Baby Girl Name

A.H. asks from Birmingham

My husband and I are expecting our 3rd child, we have 2 girls Alyssa and Alayna. I always knew that if I ever had a boy, I would name him Trenton James ( my hubby is ...


Should I Let My Kids Be There When We Put Our Dog to Sleep?

C.J. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Mom's, We have a 16 year old Beagle and the time has come for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The vet will be coming over to the house to do it this evening...



S.B. asks from Dallas

After reading everything in the news lately about autism, I am considering delaying some of my sons vaccinations. He is 8 months and perfectly healthy, and has had a...

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