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Right Side Pain, Lethargic and Hot/cold Sweats

Oct 7, 2009 ... Moderate to Severe Abdominal Pain in 13 Year Old Boy. 21 · Help, My Daughter Has Had a Fever off and on for Almost a Week! ...

Pain on Right Side

Next question: Right Side Abdominal Pain ... Moderate to Severe Abdominal Pain in 13 Year Old Boy. ... Can't Figure Out This Abdominal Pain ...

Pain in Right Side

I had the same lower abdominal pain in my 1st trimester and I was afraid I might of had a Urinary Tract Infection. They aren't uncommon in pregnancy. ...

6 Year Old with Pain at Belly Button

When my daughter was about 6, she started having abdominal pain so bad, she would turn pale .... Moderate to Severe Abdominal Pain in 13 Year Old Boy. ...

Pain on Left Side After C-section 4 Months Out

Abdominal pain is nothing to mess around with, get it looked at thoroughly. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Has Anyone Else Had Upper Abdominal Pain with No Known Cause?

Read all 11 responses: "Hello, I began having bad upper abdominal pain on the right side under my ribs on Thursday, Friday I was still having the pain, ...

My Stomach/side Hurts, Could It Be My Appendix?

I had a semi-crampy / semi-dull pain in my stomach (around the navel) and felt like I had to have ... Moderate to Severe Abdominal Pain in 13 Year Old Boy. ...

Having Abdominal and Back Pain

Read all 10 responses: "Ok so i have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. I have seen infertility had all the testing done this month to find ...

6 Yr Old Complaining of Stomach Pain

Read all 17 responses: "I am beginning to get concerned about my daughter complaining of stomach pain. She previously had a UTI at the end of September and ...

HELP!!! Horrible Pain at Top of Uterus. 31 Weeks Pregnant and Sick as a Dog!!!!

Good luck, and I feel your pain. Hold that pillow tight when you cough too! That helps! .... abdominal pain 36 weeks · abdominal pulled muscle ...
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  • congrats on your pregnancy in 2 answers "Congrats on your pregnancy! So many things change in your body when you are pregnant ..."
  • left side of my scar in 2 answers "... that I couldn't necessarily pin point but it was on the left side of my scar."
  • rebound pain in 3 answers "... ER nurse, I asked him the symptoms for the appendix and they were rebound pain ..."
  • his belly button in 2 answers "could be constipation or even a hernia, my nephew had one in his belly button area"
  • its your appendix in 2 answers "If you cannot lift it, along with rebound pain...it's your appendix."