abdomen pain

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Has Anyone Ever Had a Sharp Pain in Upper Abdomen??

Read all 8 responses: "Last night I sneezed and a sharp tearing pain happened right above my belly button. Almost like a pulled muscle feeling.

Do I Have an Umbilical Hernia?

I had similar problems, followed by the most excruciating pain one night - had me lying on the floor breathless. My abdomen felt bloated and uncomfortable ...

6 Year Old with Pain at Belly Button

When my daughter was about 6, she started having abdominal pain so bad, she would turn pale .... Moderate to Severe Abdominal Pain in 13 Year Old Boy. ...

Seeking Information on Abdominal Cramps in Pregnancy.

I knew something was wrong a few weeks later, when I had *very* sharp pain on one side of my abdomen. Not like normal cramping at all, but an alarming pain ...

My Daughter Complaining of Pain in Gall Bladder Area and Throwing Up

She came home today and is complaining of that pain still. She has had a history of constipation and does have .... Next question: Right Side Abdominal Pain ...

After Overheating, 8 Year Old Suffering with Stomach Pains & Headaches

It described tingling extremities, severe abdominal pain, and forceful vomiting. It mentions that ultrasounds, bloodwork, etc all comes back normal, ...

Nagging Little Pains at 5 Weeks Pregnant

This is my first child and I have felt every little pain there is but for .... Next question: Pain in Lower Left Abdomen ... Back Pain and Abdominal Pain ...

Growing Pains

My son was 6 when he had stomach pains. They began just once in a while, then they were constant. ... Moderate to Severe Abdominal Pain in 13 Year Old Boy. ...

Abdominal Hernia from Pregnancy

Jul 14, 2009 ... i had an abdominal hernia post-c-section-pregnancy, had a surgical repair ( stitch up ... lower abdominal pain pregnancy · pregnant exercises ...

Ovarian Cysts + Back Pain?

I was just wondering, has anyone else has had back pain when their cysts act up? Especially at night? ... Can't Figure Out This Abdominal Pain ...
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