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Lead Levels

Maybe you could look into hiring a lead abatement company to test your home, or even get some home test kits (they are supposed to be available at hardware ...

Non Smoker Having Problems with Secondhand Smoke in Home

Every year the laws raise the bar for lead abatement. So, even if he did lead abatement a few years ago, he probably wouldn't pass the current standards. ...


Also be aware that when his dad has him half the summer or for 6 cosectutive nights he can put in for a child support abatement. That means if he has him ...

Having Backyard Party, Need Advice for Mosquito Control.

... but have never tried. our neighborhood out here in sugar grove contracts with clarke mosquito abatement and have our yards sprayed. that is something ...

Painting with Popcorn Ceilings

If you do have asbestos they say it is often better to leave it alone or you have to do proper abatement which is very expensive. Happy painting. Helpful? ...

Getting Musty Smell Out of Books

Nov 3, 2009 ... That's why libraries try not to keep water damaged books (unless rare or expensive enough to justify the cost of mold abatement). ...

How to Tackle the "Monster"?

Develop a monster abatement program. Have your husband or yourself select a special, magical monster control, make it as colorful or interesting as your ...

18 Month Old Son Just Diagnosed with Lead Poisioning "Exposure"

Sammy's levels dropped to 5 after only one month post our abatement. As I stated before, your local health department will (SHOULD) have you all the ...

Lead Screening

After looking into a professional lead screening and possible abatement it looked extremely costly and also dangerous with putting all this lead dust in the ...

Roof Rats-Please Help!

An honest company would go in, inspect and give a TOTAL amount for abatement. That's how it's done for all pests or problems: pigeons, ants, mold, etc. ...
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