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Ectopic Pregnancy

We think our faith isn't helping us here and it may be better to abandon it. What our leader was telling us, is just at the time we think to abandon ship, ...

Overwhelmed Mother of Four

You bet I have wanted to abandon ship esp as they became teens. To top it off my husband was dying of cancer and one of the children is special needs. ...

Future Mother-in-law Is Ruining My Relationship with My Future Husband!

You don't abandon ship from your mate. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. C.F. answers from Chicago on September 04, 2008 ...

Hosting Thanksgiving

S.G. asks from Norfolk

Hello! This year I am hosting Thanksgiving, its my first year EVER to do this and I need some help. I have a few friends coming from NC to having Thanksgiving with my...


Need Data Extraction Expert for Failed Hard Drive!!

A.K. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms! You have always been so helpful with child questions, now I have a computer question. I'm looking for some highly recommended to perform data extraction...


Do I Need to Bring a Carseat?

S.M. asks from San Diego

I am going on a Scandanavian cruise with my husband and (will be 2 year old) daughter in the end of August. I have found this amazing website for a product called Ca...


Tv and Kids....

L.S. asks from Seattle

ok - finally won the argumnt with my hubby to downsize our $200 per month Comcast bill. But, due to finances the only soluion I can find is to dump the service almos...


Need Advice-Husband Caught with Affair

H.H. asks from Atlanta

I don't know what to do. I caught my husband in the process of settting up a fling. I thought something was going on. I have been checkig his email. I know I shouldn'...

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