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Three Year Old Will Not Sleep!!

J.H. asks from Burlington

My three year old daughter has never been a good sleeper. She did go thru a phase when she was in the early part of her second year where she slept well but other tha...


Poop and Potty-training Issue (May Be TMI)

A.C. asks from Salt Lake City

Seems like there are a lot of "poop questions" on the board today, thought I'd throw mine out there (my question, not my poop!) My youngest is 3 years old (turned 3 ...


Twin Moms - Questions Strangers Ask About Twins...

J.F. asks from Buffalo

I'm sure most parents with twins get all the same questions that we do. For the most part i actually like answering these questions & i think people are just genuinel...


Missing a Close Friend's Wedding

J.V. asks from Chicago

One of my closest friends is getting married next year. I am not in the wedding because (1) she is in San Fran and I am in Chicago, (2) I am hoping to get pregnant ea...


Daycare/Preschool Vs. Nanny

M.S. asks from Louisville

My husband just got a full time job with normal hours, like me, after a year of our kids being home with him by our choice. Our son is 3 and our daughter is 2, and we...


My Husbands Friend Makes Me Uncomfortable

M.S. asks from Omaha

Hello, I need advice on something that is bothering me. My husband is friends with this guy that I do not like. I cannot stand him. Reason being: He is very disres...


Party Planning Advice

N.R. asks from Lakeland

Hi moms! I have a tricky situation here. My daughter is about to be 6, and I'm planning her birthday party. She lives in a pretty adult world, having to go to work w...


Has the Statute of Limitations for My Being Mad at My Husband Run Out? VERY LONG

D.S. asks from Kansas City

I'm mad at my husband. Have been for weeks now! Only, he doesn't seem to really notice/care. I wanted to talk to him about it more when it first happened but he doesn...


Subing Question (Any Teachers Out There, CA)

K.B. asks from San Diego

Hi, before I go out tomorrow and gather info I thought I'd ask here first since it is sunday night and can't get any information at this moment, anywho, I live in CA ...


JFF - Something from Your Kid's Closet to Reuse and Recycle... as Dishrag?

C.P. asks from Los Angeles

Earth Day is this Sunday. It is very important that we all do our share to reduce, reuse, and recycle. With this in mind, Is there a special item belonging to your...

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  • your hands full in 4 answers "you have your hands full" to me, I will not be responsible for the ensuing violence."
  • nanny until august in 3 answers "I would do the nanny until August."
  • healthy sleep habits in 2 answers "Healthy kids, Healthy sleep habits (I think is the title) is also a good resource."
  • lose your cool in 2 answers "... his family, but make sure you exercise good boundaries and do not lose your cool."
  • identical twins in 2 answers "If I am having a good day I will tell people that with identical twins it is a fluke ..."