a stomachache

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Red Blotches and Rashes on My Child's Face and on His Upper Torso

I have seen the strep rash before and also vomiting and a stomach ache can also be signs. .... A few years ago, my daughter had a stomach ache and headache, ...

3 Year Old Complains of Stomach Upset

5-Year-old Always Has a Stomachache · 30 · Daughter Constantly Complains of Stomach Ache · 22 · My 7 Year Old Is Always Sick in the Mornings ...

5 Year Old Often Complains About Headache and Stomach Ache

Read all 7 responses: "My 5yr old daughter is complaining her head and tummy hurts often. I checked with the nurse ,who asked me if it was accompanied with ...

12 Week Old Fussy Baby

Sep 2, 2009 ... I sometimes wonder if she has a stomach ache but wouldn't she be fussy after each bottle? She hasn't been a great sleeper from the get go ...

Did We or Didn't We???

Oct 16, 2009 ... I also had a stomach ache and a major headache. It has lasted about a week except for with my 16 mo. old, they put her on Tamiflu (which ...

10 Year Old Afraid of Storms

I know just how you feel My daughter would physcially get sick if she even heard the word tornado She is now 18 and still gets a stomachache All I can say ...

Past My Due Date - HELP

I tried caster oil it just gave me a stomach ache and false contractions. So I am looking for other alternatives - I really don't want to have sex so if you ...

Daughter Suddenly Refuse to Go to Preschool

Oct 9, 2009 ... The school nurse would call and I'd need to go and pick her up due to a stomach ache. Once home she got better. Then the harassing phone ...

Bedtime Sickness

... the potassium a heating pad and a massage and then motrin if the pain doesnt subside after rubbing his leg If he has a stomach ache he gets the heating ...

My Husband Just Got His Appendix Out and I Need to Know What to Expect....

My husband had a "stomach ache" on a Friday after work. He had his appendix out Saturday morning and the same as your husband. He was walking the floor by ...
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