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Behavior in Church

We practice having quiet time at home. They have to sit in a confined area and .... As for the person who said not to go to church( Jean B.).......that is ...

Nursing Troubles

All I can suggest is quiet and patience. This is ALL normal. .... Baby is a basic needs person. She will eat when she is hungry, she will sleep when she is ...

Toddler Naptime Issues

Tell them that this is Quiet time...they can read, rest, or nap but they .... I am the kind of person that needs that hour or 2 in the afternoon if I am ...

Problem with Neighbor

You can't have the quiet of a house when you live in an apartment...it comes with the territory. I think your neighbor is probably a rude person in general ...

HELP!!! Inexperienced with Newborns!

Takes a special person to be able to do that and I commend you! ... I kept everything dim and quiet. The other thing to do is to not let him sleep so much ...

Bedtime for 11 Y/o

I said, "Well, I'm the type person that needs about 8 hours of sleep and I need ... You can sleep on the floor with the lights on, but you have to be quiet. ...

Crying at Bedtime

I'd suggest you have daddy read a couple books and play a quiet game or two .... your son has been the only person in your world till his sibling arrived. ...


... how to play by themselves and entertain themselves in a quiet manner by .... I know the news tonight is have a person telling everyone it is not a ...

When Do Little Ones Switch to Just an Afternoon Nap?

All kids are different age wont tell you anything, one person will tell you mine was .... My six year old is in First Grade and they still do a quiet time. ...

What Are the Best Beaches Around the Metro Area?

One thing is you have to pay like $2 a person but I think it's worth it. ... and ameneties as I've heard in other posts but a quiet spring fed lake with a ...
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