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Need Quiet Toy Ideas for Traveling with One Year Old-3 Hour Flight

Nov 5, 2009 ... Do you know of small and quiet toys she might like to play with? .... -Kid music w/headphones -Washable markers and portable mirror (her her ...

3 Year Old Getting Ready to Drop Nap

Now, they will be grumpy when you wake them up - a good time for some quiet time with music or a little TV - but it won't wreak bedtime and again will help ...

3 Year Old Skipping Her Naps

Sep 11, 2009 ... I think it's reasonable to require her to have a "quiet time" in her room every day where she can sit on her bed and read or listen to music ...

How Do I Keep Children Quiet During Church Services?

Read all 26 responses: "How do I keep a 5 year old and 4 year old quiet ... ( Also, if the music is jazzy, you can have some shakin-eggs (buy them at a music ...

How Do I Get My Child to Nap in a Pack N' Play?

She also sleeps in a pack-n-play, but I put it in my room where it is dark/quiet and I play lullaby music when she is sleeping. It's very much the same as ...

8 Month Old Twins and Naps!!! Help!

We just took it out about a month ago, since they would want to play & dance around to the music instead of having quiet rest. You might want to try that. ...

Seeking Help with My 10 Month Old Daughter's Sleep Issues.

Maybe bath, massage lotion, quiet music, story, bed. Whatever you are comfortable with. I have also heard turning off the TV 2 hours before trying to go to ...

Why Is My 3 Year Old Not Tired at Night?

Or instead of napping have "quiet time" which is in a nap spot, not the bed, and only picture books or music, quiet books on tape, that sort of thing. ...

2 Year Old Sleep Problems

Do you have very dark curtains in the room and quiet music? If it was me, I'd just let him cry it out no matter what. Eventually, he will wear himself out. ...

Almost One Year HATES His Crib

... i'd spend some quiet time unwinding in the crib/bed before every nap and at ... and play soft music, or sing, or read a quiet book, or anything else ...
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