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Read all 14 responses: "Hello Ladies! A quick question for you...my son just received his two month shots. How long was your baby irritable after the shots?

When Was the First Time You Felt Your Baby Move??

Read all 6 responses: "Hi~~I have a quick question here! I am 15 weeks along in my 2nd pregnancy. When was the first time you all felt your baby move the ...

Would like Information on How Much It Costs (Roughly) to Deliver a Child

I have a quick question, my husband and I are trying to figure out the cost of delivering a baby in the DFW area. We are TTC and would like to have..."

Knowledge About Divorce Without Hiring an Attorney

Any time you are on the phone with a lawyer or talking to them in an appointment - even if you have a quick question to ask - The little clock to charge you ...


Read all 21 responses: "Hey ladies just a quick question.... does a biopsy hurt? my pap smear came back abnormal for the second time and now I have to have ...

Mom Seeking a Top Rated Female Pediatrician near Northside or Indianapolis

I never feel rushed with any questions I have, you can call the nurses line if you have a quick question, and they get back to you if you need to call ...

Invitation to Join Book Club

Just a quick question - in which area do you meet? (Or is it online exclusively? ) Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Question About a Growth...

Read all 10 responses: "Hi Mommies ~ got a quick question, when my son (12 years old) was born, he had a mark on his head from where the nurse's took off ...

What Do You Feed a ONE Year Old?

Read all 5 responses: "Just a quick question ladies... I have a picky LIGHT eater.. she just turned 1 but we are still going to stay away from Cows milk and ...

A Question for Others Who Have Used Lexapro

Read all 8 responses: "Just had a quick question on Lexapro. When I first started it 2 weeks ago, it made me feel GREAT. For the first week I had tons of ...
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  • womens center in vienna in 2 answers "Please try the Women's Center in Vienna."
  • pro se office in 2 answers "I did not read any of the responses, but I went to the Pro Se office for Anne Arundel ..."
  • township line road in 2 answers "... is located on the Northwest side of Indy at about 86th and Township Line Road ..."
  • nickel and dime in 2 answers "... done (after basic insurance coverage). Many hospitals no longer nickel and dime ..."
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